In the early eighties I played Defender and Stargate on the arcades.
Later I spent countless hours playing Dropzone on the Commodore 64.
I decided to make a clone for the Amiga computer...
23000 lines of pure 68000 assembler and a development period of 4 months.
Datastorm was published by VDT in 1989.
Datastorm got a rating of 96% in 'Computer and Video Games'.

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review from CV&G 1989.

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Since I started my website in the 90'ies, I have
received many many mails about the games I wrote.
Here is one:

"Let me just say thank you for designing one of the greatest games ever.
Datastorm was the number one game on my amiga 500. I played it for countless hours,
as did my brother and my uncle. It still amazes me today and I will often
dust off my old amiga and have a 4 hour datastorm marathon!"