Crackers Revenge

Got an Commodore 64 in 1984 and began coding basic right away.

After some months I got into machine code and did a game
named 'Terrible Lillian' (Lillian was a teacher at our school).
The game was a mix of basic and machine code but was never finished.

At the time I was writing intros and demos and hacking
away and one day bordersprites was invented.

So I did a 100% machine code game and put the bordersprite effect in that game.
The game was Crackers Revenge! and was put into public domain in 1985.

download Crackers Revenge

. . .

Since I started my website in the 90'ies, I have
received many many mails about the games I wrote.
Here are a few:

"Well I must have been your biggest fan in OZ (Australia)!!! for the game Crackers Revenge...
Your game kept me up until just hours (and sometimes minutes) before school the next day. :-)

Now I loved the platform feel and the music from 'Monty on the run' that I just played and played it..."