1 PayDay

These pages shows 'work in progress' on my BMW R67/2.
The bike was bought 'as is' in 2008, and as the bike gets restored piece by piece,
I will add photos and information.

With good help of a friend we are bringing home the beast.
Engine and frame # 614510 - 1953.


First pictures of the beast. (hate the saddle, that has to go!)



The electric system was broken. Wires were all wrong and the regulator was dead, so the regulator
and all wires were replaced with proper (color-tagged) ones.
The old battery is replaced with a new Gel Blitz one.


Replacing coals.



The taillight is replaced with an Eber.


Very nice design of the Eber. One of the small things that makes it so nice to own a classic BMW.



Seat has been replaced with a proper Denfeld single seat.




Work in progress...



New stainless pushrod and breathing tubes.



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